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An Ice Cream Scoop Is the Only Tool You Need to Make This Turtle Ice Cream Cake

This super cute frozen dessert is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Photography by: Kirsten Strecker

No fancy baking tools? No problem! All you need to assemble this delightful sea turtle-shaped dessert is a basic ice cream scoop. A moist vanilla cake is baked in an oven-proof bowl to mimic the dome shape of a turtle shell, then covered with scoops of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream. A scoop of chocolate ice cream forms the head, and it's finished with a black licorice mouth and nose, white candy eyes (with chocolate pupils!), and chocolate-mint wafer feet. The result couldn't be more adorable or kid-friendly. Here's how to put this next-level ice cream cake together, step by step.


Get the Sea Turtle Ice Cream Cake Recipe
minty chip sea turtle cake
Photography by: Kirsten Strecker

1. Scoop out 2 1/2 quarts (about 35 scoops) of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, place onto a rimmed baking sheet with plastic wrap stretched across it; refreeze (45 minutes). Line 12-cup bowl with plastic wrap; freeze briefly, then fill with scoops of ice cream, rounded side down, to extend beyond rim (fill in gaps with extra).

minty chip sea turtles
Photography by: Kirsten Strecker

2. Place vanilla bowl cake over ice cream, then spread 1 quart softened ice cream on top. Cover with plastic and refreeze (at least 4 hours), then unmold.

minty chip sea turtle
Photography by: Kirsten Strecker

3. Cut a niche in turtle shell with ice-cream scoop. Nestle larger scoop of chocolate ice cream into niche for the head. Tuck four chocolate-mint wafers under the cake for feet.


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