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Give Your Dresser a Stylish Makeover with Easy-to-Install Drawer Pulls

Boring old wardrobe, no more!

ikea dresser with leather cord handle upgrade

Much as replacing plain buttons with jazzier ones can transform an old coat, new drawer pulls can elevate a basic dresser. Even better, our DIY ideas will work on any drawers, including ones with oddly spaced holes or vintage hardware.


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Get Strap Happy

Use a leather punch to put a hole in each end of the natural-leather strips, then fasten them onto drawers with flat-backed brass machine screws in front and acorn nuts in back.


Above: IKEA Tarva chest, in Pine, $229, Chance handpainted sun hat, $255,, Tandy Leather natural cowhide leather strip, 2" by 50", $17,; Art-Minds leather punch, $10,

dresser handle upgrade braided leather cord loop
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Add a Loop

Double a short length of braided leather, thread it through a brass wing nut and the drawer hole, then knot the ends together to secure it.


M&J Trimming braided leather bolo, 6mm, in Natural, $10 a yd.,


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dresser handle upgrade leather cord metal brass tube
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Go Long

Trim a brass tube to size with a tubing cutter. Knot one end of a thin leather cord, and feed it through a drawer hole. Add the tube, feed the other end of cord through a second hole, and knot it.


M&J Trimming round leather cord, 2mm, in Natural, $2 a yd.,; Metal round tube, in Brass, 12″ by 1/8″, $1.50,

handle upgrade braided leather strap
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Do a Twist

Bend an eight-inch piece of flat leather braid. Push a flat-backed screw through it, and secure it onto the drawer with an acorn nut.


M&J Trimming two-color braided vinyl (similar to shown), 1.″, $8 a yd.,


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