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Dog Owners Do One Thing Differently (And it Keeps Them Healthy)

A recent study found a major difference between dog owners and everyone else.

shepherd dogs walking on a leash
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Dogs are good for a lot of things — affection, companionship, a sense of community with fellow pet owners — and now you can add health to the list of benefits. Turns out, dog owners walk about 22 more minutes daily than people who don't have a dog, according to a study recently published in the journal BMC Public Health. That's 2,760 additional steps each day, if owners walk at a moderate intensity pace.


Furthermore, the study reports that dog owners have "significant fewer sitting events," meaning they're more active all around.


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Best of all, walking 22 minutes every single day means dog owners are exceeding the CDC’s standard for 150 minutes of physical activity weekly. There are a number of benefits to this particular form of exercise, including stronger bones and muscles, preventing various forms of heart disease, bettering balance and coordination and keeping off the weight.


So let Fido take you for a walk today (and tomorrow, and the next day) — your body will thank you for it in the short and long term.


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