Use our easy technique for ice-dyeing to spruce up your everyday wares.
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Use our foolproof technique for ice-dyeing—tie-dye's subtler, less messy cousin—to give any solid cotton fabric a watercolor wash, then wrap up the theme with a simple red bow at each setting. Ahead, learn how to create this fun DIY for an enjoyable afternoon with the whole family.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

ice dyeing how to twisted t-shirt
Step 1

To prep the fabric, place the rack over the bin (or directly in a sink). Soak the fabric in water, then twist and wind it into a snake shape on the rack to create a wave pattern.

ice dyeing how to twisted t-shirt bucket cooling rack
Step 2

Gather the fabric into the center of the rack, and cover it with ice cubes.

ice dyeing how to twisted t-shirt bucket cooling rack
Step 3

Sprinkle the dye on top and let the ice melt. To set the pattern, wash and dry the fabric separately.


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