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Faux Bois Chairs

It's easy to create the illusion of wood grain on a set of chairs. Just use a pattern paint roller — no one will ever know the difference. 

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Using the flat sash brush, apply a basecoat of Zinc craft paint to one chair; let dry completely.
  2. Apply a basecoat of Ballet Slipper Pink craft paint to the second chair; let dry completely.
  3. Pour Zinc craft paint into a tray or onto a poster board. Coat only the foam part of the roller. Attach rubber pattern roller and make a few test rolls to coat it.
  4. Lay Ballet Slipper Pink chair on its back. Starting at one end of the chair back, roll the roller applying even pressure. Fill missing spaces of pattern with additional passes.
  5. Repeat process on Zinc chair using Ballet Slipper Pink on the rubber pattern roller.
  6. Let both chairs dry before use.

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