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Colorblock Painted Bicycle

Roll out on a bike that you personalized yourself! Here's how to apply a fresh coat of paint and brighten a vintage bicycle after long years of neglect in the garage.


Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart



  1. Prep bicycle for painting: Remove any items that will not be painted, such as the saddle. Apply degreaser to the bicycle frame (this will ensure smooth operation and protect parts from gradual wear). Use medium-grade sandpaper to remove existing paint and form a smooth surface.
  2. Paint the wheel frame, spokes, and pedals with Lemonade. Apply Celadon on the portion of the spokes near the center of the wheel with the foam pouncer (this will create a two-toned effect).
  3. Paint bicycle frame and fenders with Celadon; let completely dry.
  4. Paint luggage rack and wicker basket with Beryl; let completely dry.
  5. Tape off a wide stripe on the chain guard plate and paint exposed surface with Beryl.
  6. Tape off a narrow stripe below the Beryl stripe and paint exposed surface with Mallard, as shown.
  7. Tape off area below seat and paint as shown using Mallard for the top and bottom stripes and Lemonade for the larger center section.
  8. Tape off two stripes on the wicker basket and paint as shown using Mallard and Lemonade.

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