Wow your friends with a sparkling red, white, and blueberry trifle.

Grilled hot dogs, poolside gatherings with your family, backyard BBQs, fresh potato salad, patriotic streamers, and, of course, fireworks all make the Fourth of July something worth celebrating. This year, before leaning back in the lawn chair to witness the night sky implode with a series of colorful explosions, you may want to consider hosting your own fireworks watching party. After all, the days leading up to America's birthday will be booming with firework shows ranging from Philadelphia, Nashville, New York, and your own backyard. Here, our best on advice on how to do it.

Send Out Sparkling Invitations

Red, white, and blue clip-art invitations will make it a summer breeze when creating sparkler-inspired invitations so all are welcome to attend the fireworks extravaganza.

Light Up the Night

Your friends will be seeing stars. In the twilight hours leading up to total darkness right before the fireworks come to play you'll need a bit of light. Add a festive glow to your firework watch soirée with these sparkler clip-art packages as party favors. Don't forget matching matchboxes (adults only) that are packaged with cute catchphrases.

Display the Red, White, and Blue

It's America's birthday! Now is the time to pull out all the stops, patriotically speaking. Display your American flag, luminous paper lanterns, balloons that pop with confetti, and brass star ornaments. (Extra better: have them serve double duty when the sun goes down as party lights.) It's also fun to use fireworks as inspiration for the decor as done here: Inexpensive and readily available, spider mums can be tinted to look like fireworks. Group blooms of different colors in assorted vessels for a dazzling display.

Show Your Star-Spangled Spirit

Just in case your guests are hungry with fireworks anticipation, hold them off with their own whimsical pom-poms to shake and cheer all evening long.

Serve Up an American Pie

What's the saying? As American as... pizza pie? Keep things easy-and easily impressive-with our patriotic pizza. Topped with tomatoes, cheese, and blue potatoes, it's made to look just like the American flag (and everyone will want a slice.) To pair with it, prepare a quenching pitcher of watermelon cucumber cooler or pop the cork off a glittered champagne bottle.

Present Your Own Sparkling Dessert

After the evening's fireworks have fizzled, serving a patriotic red, white, and blue berry trifle with twinkling sparklers on top will be the perfect encore to a celebratory summer evening.


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