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If you've ever snagged a thread on your favorite knit sweater or lost a button to your winter coat, you'll understand the importance of sewing. It's always handy to have a needle and thread in easy reach. And when you've mastered the basics, it's a lifelong skill. But how many of us have, in fact, learned how to sew?

New statistics about sewing have been released courtesy of the British Heart Foundation's Big Stitch Campaign and they come as a wake-up call for vets in the sartorial community. Sewing, it seems, may be a bit of a dying art: According to the organization, almost six in ten (or 59 percent of) UK residents are incapable of sewing confidently with some unsure of how to sew at all. Additionally, 33 percent of survey participants said they never learned how to sew in the first place. Half of British people are forced to ask their moms for help sewing, and 16 percent ask their grandparents for assistance in sartorial saves.

Though these numbers are less than promising, there is a silver lining: More than half of survey-takers (55 percent) have the desire to sew, while six in ten (60 percent) are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to acquire the skill. This includes 55 percent of men.

LEARN: How to Sew and Everything You Need to Get Started
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There's certainly no time like the present, and it's never too late to practice. First, get your supplies for a sewing basket in order. Next, learn the basic stitches of sewing. Before tackling on the more difficult tasks, start with a few easy projects for beginners. And since 23 percent of folk don't know how to sew on a button, but here are two different ways demonstrated in an easy guide. Plus, these pretty sewing patterns and templates will fuel your tailoring motivation.

Looking for a handy idea? Watch how to assemble your own mason jar sewing kit:


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