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Eat Like a Chef: The Best Restaurants in the Deep South

Eduardo Jordan of Seattle's Junebaby shares the highlights from his latest road trip.

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Getting restaurant recommendations from a chef is always a good idea: To create the menu for his new Seattle restaurant, JuneBaby, chef Edouardo Jordan rediscovered his roots. The Florida native drove through Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Alabama to fully experience foods he grew up eating. “The moments that stand out the most didn’t happen in restaurants,” Jordan says. At McLeod Plantation in South Carolina, “it all came together for me. I was able to take a step back from food to respect the history of the people who grew it.” Back on the West Coast, he’s channeling all that -- plus flavors from his key stops, below -- into every dish.

princes hot chicken
Photography by: Courtesy of Prince's Hot Chicken


The Prince’s Hot Chicken line is worth it. “It’ll make your eyes water in the best way.”

ribs on plate with sides
Photography by: Johnny Autry


In a former skating rink, Buxton Hall BBQ “does open pit right.” The cocktails are as spot-on as the ribs.

pickled shrimp highlands bar
Photography by: Courtesy of Highlands Bar & Grill


The fresh seafood at Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill is downright “magical.”


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