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You Deserve This Glamping Escape in Your Own Backyard

Ahh, rest and relaxation.

glamping girlfriends trip tent
Photography by: Acorn and Oak Family Photo

A night spent under the stars accompanied by fireside chats, grilled foods, chocolate-y marshmallow-y sandwiched desserts, and good friends, is reminiscent of the days camping as a kid. Now, being fully grown does not necessarily mean you have to forgo your youthful camping adventures. In fact, adult camping provides a new way to experience the great outdoors in a more luxurious fashion also known as glamping. And even if you can't book a vacation or jet off to some exotic destination, this summer you can pen a free weekend into your planner to host your very own glamping get-together for yourself and your childhood chums.


Set Up Camp


Glamping is more of an experience rather than a destination. Certainly, you can travel to a spot with Instagram-worthy views, but the comforts of glamping can happen right outside your backdoor. Building your own canopy — all you need are a few tools and a canvas drop cloth — is a cool way to shelter you and your camping companions while reminiscing of summers past.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Toast to Summer


Perhaps, as a kid, you toasted s'mores on the camp fire. Certainly, you'll want to do so at your glamping party, but with a more elevated, grownup twist. Try these decadent, over the top s'mores milkshakes. This frosty version is bound to be hit on a hot summer's day. And if you waant to get extra fancy? Using gourmet chocolate or chocolate infused with caramel will upgrade your preferred campfire treat.  


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Photography by: Johnny Miller

Turn Memories Into Mementos


Other than lounging around and taking a dip in the pool, what's there to do on a summer day? Crafts are a part of the whole experience. Think outside the friendship bracelets with leather-inspired accessories, colorful dyeing ideas to keepsakes made with treasured summer photographs. Either way, it'll be so much fun! And you'll have a souvenir from the day.


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crispiest fried chicken
Photography by: Linda Pugliese

Recreate Your Favorite Mess Hall Meals


No mess hall, no problem! There's an array of tasty glamping-inspired foods to prepare at your next gathering. Upgrade your traditional corn on the cob with various ingredient swapping recipes. Also think about adding crispy fried chicken,  lobster and yellow tomatoesDijon potato saladpink grapefruit lemonade, and a biscuit and jam cobbler to your outdoor menu.


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Get Camp-Cozy Outside


Scour your local flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales for vintage finds. Or hey, maybe there's something to be rediscovered in your own garage. That worn and weathered look is perfect for creating a cozy glamping space. For a spruce-up, try making your own souvenir sling chair, hang up a hammock, or adding a bit of nature-inspired design with paint and stencils to a set of stools. To fully embrace the outdoors — as much as you can when you're glamping — don't forget a special touch of amenities like a set of rugged cast iron cookware, charcoal grill, an icebox, or tableware set complete with wine and beer glasses. Remember: It's all about bringing the luxuries of the indoors into the great outdoors (or, as circumstances would have it, your backyard).


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