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This Artist Captures the Ocean Perfectly Using Seashells and Liquid Glass

Keep this idea in mind for the next time you want to document your summer vacation.


Summertime has us thinking about the ocean and all of the trips to come, but how to document such a beautiful thing? Artist Marie Antuanelle does so in the most perfect way. 


Antuanelle creates abstract seascapes using materials from the ocean itself, minerals, seashells, and liquid glass. 


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To do so, she combines two techniques — a traditional Russian stone painting technique (in which the entire painting is made of stones, or in her case, seashells) and a pouring technique which is how she places the liquid glass on to the canvas.


What we love about liquid glass is how it keeps moving, even after its placed on the canvas — mimicking the soothing, fluid motions of the ocean. Anatuanelle is able to manipulate all of the elements to make it feel alive in the most beautiful way. Let it inspire your next memorykeeping project by combining paint with seashells.


Watch Antuanelle in action as she creates one of her abstract seascapes: