We asked the experts about the psychology behind it.

Attention home-sellers: before you even think of putting your house on the market, you might want to consider giving the space a wash of color. But not just any color! According to the 2017 Paint Color Analysis study conducted by Zillow, blue paint has the potential to add serious value to your home's selling price.

The popular real estate site researched five different spots - kitchens, bedrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and front doors - to determine just how much value we're talking about. Spoiler: the numbers are staggering.

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Credit: Liz Lidgett

For instance, their report says, "Homes with light pale blue to soft periwinkle blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more than expected." Similarly, blue kitchens, cadet blue bedrooms, and slate blue dining rooms all revved up revenue by nearly $2,000 each, while navy blue front doors welcomed just over an additional $1,500. (Basically, you can finally cave into your dream makeover of monochrome blues; we're currently obsessed with PPG's Island Morning Blue available at Home Depot).

We reached out to the National Board of Realtors for their opinion on these interesting findings. Unfortunately, they were unable to comment, as they "had no insights or data to back up that claim."

Nevertheless, there's got to be a reason whythese results occurred. For a little more insight on the topic of color and how it makes us feel, we spoke to art expert and Adore Your Walls founder Liz Lidgett via email. "I think people connect with the color blue because it's a calming color. People want to feel at ease and comfortable in their own home," she notes. "Blue certainly evokes those feelings."

It's safe to say calm and tranquil vibes are super valuable. If you're not sure where to add blue before you sell, we'd recommend the bathroom per Zillow's findings.

Feeling inspired? Watch how to paint a showstopping ombré wall in blue paint:


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