Balloon Clouds

Look up! This larger-than-life cloud of balloons makes a whimsical backdrop for any baby shower, birthday party, or celebration.

baby shower balloon clouds

This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. The cloud balloon pictured here was used as a decoration for our "Up, Up, and Away" themed baby shower.

A balloon cloud can be made in any size you'd like, but we recommend measuring the length of the table beforehand to determine desired coverage. Pictured here: we used approximately 25 balloons to hover above a table that measures 31 x 23 inches. When choosing balloons, you can use a mix of shimmer and matte all-white balloons or a spectrum of sizes for added dimension and depth.

What You'll Need


  • White latex balloons
  • White twine
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Optional: Handheld balloon pump, $5,


  1. up-away-baby-shower-balloon-clouds-step-0617_vert

    Inflate at least 25 balloons. (Tip: A handheld balloon pump will help inflate latex balloons much faster. To use, slide a balloon onto the nozzle — specially designed to grip the balloon by the neck — pump it to desired size, remove, and tie off.)

  2. Cut a length of twine and tie two balloons. Repeat so you have two pairs of tied balloons.

  3. Tie the two pairs of balloons into a quad.

  4. Tie more balloons to form a cluster; use smaller size balloons to fill gaps. Use double-sided tape to stick them in place.

  5. When balloon cloud has reached desired size, affix to a wall using double-sided tape or suspend from the ceiling using a length of twine and tape.

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