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5 Divine Desserts You Can Make with Any Summer Fruit

The time is ripe to bake with fruit! Squeeze the goodness out of berries, cherries, peaches, and plums with our versatile recipes.

Stone fruit and berries
Photography by: Kate Mathis

It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for, when gardens and greenmarkets burst with everything plump, colorful, and sweet. Celebrate summer’s bounty with our recipes, which shine a light on berries, cherries, peaches, and plums. Pick one that appeals to your palate, but feel free to substitute whichever fruit strikes your fancy -- just pop in whatever’s most plentiful.

apricot and strawberry galette
Photography by: Kate Mathis

1. Apricot-and-Strawberry Galette

This free-form galette is as relaxed as a summer Friday. Spread a round of crust with hazelnut frangipane and scatter ripe apricots and strawberries on top, then fold in the sides of the pastry for a rustic look. Frangipane is usually made with ground almonds, but we replaced them with hazelnuts, and pumped up their flavor with Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur. If you swap in cherries or mixed berries, hew to tradition with almonds, and replace the Frangelico with rum.


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peach and raspberry-oat cobbler
Photography by: Kate Mathis

2. Peach-and-Raspberry Oat Cobbler

To update -- and add some substance -- to cobbler, mix oats into the biscuit dough; they provide a nubby, satisfying texture and richer flavor. These one-bowl drop biscuits come together quickly, and cream makes them tender. Our vivid peach-raspberry combo was inspired by peach melba, but pitted sour cherries are lip-smacking in early summer, as are sliced plums and nectarines later in the season. Spoon the cobbler into bowls, then pour some heavy cream on top.


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cherry and cream-cheese hand pies
Photography by: Kate Mathis

3. Cherry-and-Cream-Cheese Hand Pies

Two fillings -- a tart cherry compote and a dollop of sweet cream cheese laced with coconut and lime -- mean double the deliciousness. it’s like a cheese Danish and a cherry pie went on a tropical summer vacation together. For an equally bright-tasting alternative, use strawberries instead of cherries, and orange juice instead of lime juice.


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plum and blackberry cornmeal almond crumb bars
Photography by: Kate Mathis

4. Plum-and-Blackberry Cornmeal-Almond Crumb Bars

Subtle savory notes -- of black pepper in the filling and cornmeal in the crust -- give these bars a refined, grown-up sensibility. The pepper also blends with the dark, rich plum-blackberry filling to create a flavor almost like wine. If you can only find super-tart blackberries, sweet blueberries are a good alternative.


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bourbon and brown-sugar cake with berries
Photography by: Kate Mathis

5. Bourbon-and-Brown-Sugar Cake with Berries

Settle onto a porch with a pitcher of iced tea and this beauty. The bourbon and brown sugar in the batter give it a caramel-like complexity. And the fruit on top is finished with a generous sprinkle of coarse sugar -- so when baked, it’s like a big, crunchy muffin top. We love the simplicity of these ingredients, but the recipe works well with peaches and rum, or apricots and kirsch, too.


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Watch Sweet Talk host Lindsay Strand demonstrate how to whip up this spectacular summer cake: