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5 of the Greenest Botanical Embroidery Ideas You Will See This Summer

Imagine leafy greens, avocado-tinted leaves, and olive branches all growing one stitch at a time.


Is there no greener time in the year than summertime? Everything outdoors is fully in bloom meaning, new leafy greens are sprouting everywhere from sidewalks to behind closed gardens gates. This makes cacti, succulents, hanging ferns — botanicals of all kinds — a favorite among many. All of the vivid outdoor colors coexisting outside your window can only lead to one thing: inspiration for your next craft project. Particularly, if you fancy contemporary embroidery showcasing seasonal plants. We've round up a few of our favorite (and the greenest) works of embroidery on Instagram for your "liking" pleasure. Unlike the plants outside, these stitched ones tend to themselves.


1. @Sarahkbenning

For Sarah K. Benning, an embroidery artist, botanical gardens and greenhouses are a constant source of inspiration for her signature style. Her contemporary take on houseplants has re-introduced embroidery to a new generation.


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2. @Yolish.designs

As Martha herself will tell you, there is a teaching moment to be found in every experience. What we enjoy about Diana R. Madrid's botanical embroidery is that her meticulous stitching depicts different types of plants in what she describes as a "cacti library." If you ever wanted to learn the difference between your buckhorn and your prickly pear, now you know.


3. @Trueforthaus

We spotted Walker Boyes of TrueFort easily with his bold, colorful embroidery. Browsing his feed, you'll spot plenty of colors, patterns, and imaginative designs ranging from a family of cacti to bicycles touting a basket of blooms.


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4. @Sewandsaunders

Palm prints and an assortment of other leafy green shrubs are what you'll find while leafing through this Instagram feed. You know, the banana print is a favorite pattern among summer enthusiasts. Luckily, Jo Saunders knows this too.


5. @Coricrafts 

Not only has the color green been dubbed with the official 2017 Pantone Color of the Year Award, but green is the theme of the Instagram account Cori Crafts. Gazing upon this feed, you'll wonder how all of the vivid vegetation fits onto one hoop.


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