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Llamas and Flowers Come Together in Soft-to-the-Touch Wool Embroidery

Artist Becky Tilson crafts adorable animals on embroidery hoops.


We never met a llama we didn't like, and crafter Becky Tilson feels the same way. "I choose to felt llamas because they have such a unique silhouette," she exclusively tells Martha Stewart Living. "Also the texture of the wool is perfect for bringing them to life. Llamas are just adorable animals and I have hopes of owning a couple someday." 


These embroidered felt llamas (and other sweet motifs) are designed by Becky Tilson of Fuzzy and Flora. We spoke to Becky, and the 30-year-old artist was kind enough to relay exactly how she comes up with her cuddly creations — which have quickly earned her a following of more than 5,000 on Instagram.


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Inspired by bold bridal bouquets and tiny details, Becky first learned how to embroider from her mother. Now, however, she needles felt to craft those llamas we can't help, but double tap on Instagram. "The process of creating a piece starts with the color scheme," she tells us. "Once I've decided on a color combination, I sketch out my design — using a washable pen — on my material." To keep them extra unique, she chooses not to use a stencil.


"There is just something special about hand embroidery that a machine cannot capture. It is truly an art that doesn't get enough recognition," the Fuzzy and Flora founder gushes. "Deciding where to place each [design element] is sometimes challenging because I want [it] to have balance and be pleasing to the eye."


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And if you're wondering how she achieves such seemingly perfect felt work, Becky isn't shy about the challenges such a delicate art form presents. Especially when it comes to combining colors. "Too much or too little wool can change the entire look," she explained. Yikes, right? Nevertheless, there is a bright side: "The process of poking the wool into the fabric is somewhat therapeutic and helps relieve all the stress I have bottled up that day."


We feel calm just looking at Becky's self-described "sweet, simplistic, and quirky" designs, to be honest. Don't you?


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