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Trick Question: Is This Polymer Clay or Quilled Paper?

The artist uses a special technique to create colorful birds, foxes, and other woodland animals.


Thus far, we've seen talented artisans able to add their own unique skills to creating various nature-inspired crafts as well as wearable art — pins, brooches, necklaces, and more. We've been charmed by an exquisitely beaded pink flamingo pin and smiled at the many embroidered rabbits happily playing in a field of blooms. This time, be prepared to be astonished yet again with another idyllic assortment of whimsical and woodland animals created by Russian artist Alisa Laryushkina.


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Alisa's woodland animals and a few storybook creatures are actually made from polymer clay. Her technique is reminiscent of the well-known paper technique called quilling also known as paper filigree. The art form involves rolling and uniting strips of paper into detailed designs. At first glance, you'd think Alisa's cunning fox is paper, but it's actually clay using the same hands-on technique. The results are intricate, creative, as well as colorful. Most if not all of her designs are vibrant in color with a flower cleverly placed somewhere on the piece. "Gradually I came up with my own style of jewelry," she says. "I curl each pattern with my hands, then many many pieces add up to a greater whole."


Not only are all of Alisa's designs pretty to look at, but they are wearable. Yep, each creation is either a brooch, necklace, earring set, and so on. Alisa creates her designs from her studio in Moscow, Russia. She says in her Etsy shop, "My passion is to make jewelry of polymer clay. Each item in my shop is designed and handcrafted by me." Alisa's animals range from a domestic pink and white cat brooch, a cheery bright red cardinal brooch to a multi-colored whale flower pin.


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However, with summer finally here, you might want something sweeter like a bright yellow and green pineapple brooch? This particular piece of tropical jewelry, as well as all of her other creations, are lightweight and durable. Perfect to wear all summer long. You can follow Alisa's designs on Instagram — her designs are not only cute but colorful too! 


Watch how to work with air-dry epoxy clay: