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Need a Showstopping Dinner Party Dish? Try Martha’s 4 New Favorites

Martha’s all about bold flavors and beautiful presentation on the latest episode of “Cooking School.”

Party planning has been second nature to Martha since her catering days, and her love for entertaining has never waned (it was the title of one of her seminal cookbooks, after all!). Yes, she knows how to throw a dinner party. Her latest go-to dishes draw inspiration from the Arabian Gulf and are as eye-catching as they are delicious -- just the thing for feeding a crowd. Get a sneak peek at the recipes below and be sure to tune in for Martha’s play-by-play on “Cooking School” this weekend.

drumbstick chicken kasaba

1. Chicken Kabsa

It's a weekend project kind of dish because of all the different components: juicy golden chicken, spiced tomato rice, fried almonds and raisins, plus lemon yogurt sauce. And it's absolutely delectable!


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cabbage spiced lamb chops
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

2. Stuffed Cabbage and Spiced Lamb Chops

Merging her mom's famous stuffed cabbage with kubaibat hayel, a popular Arabic dish of grape leaves stuffed with rice, vegetables, and spices, Martha creates a flavor-packed hybrid. Succulent roasted lamb chops take it over the top.


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orzo risotto mushrooms
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

3. Orzo Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

Martha takes the risotto-like Saudi Arabian dish saleeg for a spin, using orzo instead of rice and adding dried and fresh mushrooms, fava beans, soft-poached eggs, and a host of herbs and spices.


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orange yogurt cakes
Photography by: Bobbi Lin

4. Orange-Ginger Yogurt Cakes

Not your grandma's Bundt cake! Based on the traditional Saudi dessert kumajj, these miniature beauties are made with Greek yogurt, fresh ginger, and orange zest and studded with nigella seeds.


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