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bullet journal
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Ideal for staying on top of your calendar, tracking daily habits, goal setting, and even meal prepping, a bullet journal allows you to streamline your to-do list by tracking a variety life's tasks in one place. As a systemized rapid logging organizational method that thrives on customization, bullet journals serve as a therapeutic and logistical ways to enrich your daily life.

Originally created by designer Ryder Carroll, the form of journaling rests at the intersection of mindfulness and productivity. In essence, the notebook is intended to simplify your life while adding splashes of color and mindfulness along the way.  While most modern notebooks offer customizable covers with structured calendars and timelines, the bullet journal goes a step further by creating a bespoke [planner] that seamlessly fits into your busy life. And, the best part of the bullet journal is that it is self-made, and therefore tailor-made to suit your needs. Create daily, weekly, and monthly calendars with a steady hand or ruler. Free-draw a gratitude log, keep track of your moods, and cross off items on your to-do list–all in one notebook.

"We are flooded with information. It's easy for the important things to simply get washed away," says Carroll. "Bullet journaling allows you to quickly capture meaningful thoughts as tasks, events or notes." From lush velvet-covered journals in soft grays, to inspirational saying-adorned bright notebooks, logging your life takes on a whole new meaning with fun and fresh, empty pages.  Here, find eight blank slates perfect for creating your dream journal. 

Smythson Journal in Dark Blue
Credit: Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Artfully Crafted

Handmade in England, this luxurious leather notebook offers an elevated canvas for your bullet journal. With 192 pages and a small size, this notebook is perfect for the on-the-go creator.

Shop Now: Smythson "Panama Small Dreams & Thoughts Leather Notebook" Notebook, $110,

poppin bullet journal pink notebook
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Luxe Velvet

Texturize your days with a velvet planner in a soft shade. The spiral binding allows for easy page flipping, while the classic page lines serve as a guide to creating charts and tables.

Shop Now: Poppin "Velvet Medium Spiral Notebook" Notebook, $21.95,

dotted bullet journal
Credit: Courtesy of Papier


Let your love of gardening transcend with a floral-patterned notebook.

Shop Now: Papier "Wildflower" Notebook, $20.99,

let your light shine orange front journal
Credit: Courtesy of Minted


Any lined notebook can make a quick transformation into a bullet journal with the help of a ruler. And what better way to instill confidence in your journaling than by housing your bullet journal in a notebook touting a positive, inspirational cover.

Shop Now: Minted "Let Your Light Shine Notebook" Notebook, $16,

dotted notebook agood climate positive bullet journal
Credit: Courtesy of Agood


A soft, classic notebook offers up a sleek, modern minimalist look. Plus, the deep blue hue adds a touch of calm to your daily organization and planning.

Shop Now: Agood "Bullet Point Journal Deep-Sea Blue A5" Notebook, $59,

gold journal
Credit: Courtesy of Staples

Stay Golden

Take an elevated approach to your journaling with a metallic, eye-catching cover.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart "Martha Stewart Gold Journal" Notebook, $11.49,

russel hazel bullet journal notebook
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Bullet Journal Bundle

For the entry-level bullet journalist, this set comes with everything you need to make your bullet journal goals a reality.

Shop Now: Russel + Hazel "Dot Notebook Bundle" Notebook, $56,

notebook with floral motif on cover
Credit: Courtesy of Papier


Let your love of gardening transcend with a floral-patterned notebook.

Shop Now: Papier “Wildflower” Notebook, $20.99,

bright yellow notebook
Credit: Courtesy of Molly Hatch

Bright and Bold

Begin each day on the bright side with a sunny yellow-colored notebook. The red ribbon allows for easy flipping to the most recent page, helping to keep track of a hectic life.

Shop Now: Molly Hatch "Bookcloth Journal Stripe" Notebook, $16,

leather journal observer bullet journal
Credit: Courtesy of Rustico

Vintage-Inspired Leather-Bound

You can’t go wrong with a traditional, old-school leather-bound notebook. The thick pages are perfect for those wanting to watercolor paint their journals. Add some watercolor stickers for a stunning layout.

Shop Now: Rustico "Observer Leather Journal" Notebook, $56,

Colorful notebooks
Credit: Courtesy of Erin Condrin

All That Shimmers

A classic dotted notebook is an ideal blank slate to create your bullet journal. Connect the dots and create lines with a ruler, or free-hand draw for some added creativity.

Shop Now: Erin Condrin "Shimmer Silver Softbound Notebook" Notebook, $14,

pink bullet journal
Credit: Courtesy of Twenty Seven

Pastel Palette

Pastels are no longer just for spring. Use your soft-shade notebook year-round for a splash of muted color throughout your day.

Shop Now: Twenty Seven "Pink & Red Journal" Notebook, $12,

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Martha Stewart Member
January 14, 2020
I love the idea of BoJo, I have been in and out of journaling interest, but have always loved to journal with Art, collage, watercolors, etc etc etc. I have taught children how to "journal" with ideas, sentences to describe then artwork to complete the idea and it has worked very wel. My desk calendar has always been a BOJO...COLORED PENCILS, MARKERS. COLLAGE FABRIC SCRAPS,PAPER ETC ETC Also I love words so will write then down when I hear or see, then define it and add to my vocabulary...I like to learn new things
Martha Stewart Member
July 25, 2017
I'm sure this could be a useful idea, but I won't post to Instagram. I don't like the idea of posting my *PERSONAL* stuff where everyone can see it, it's no one's business. Thanks for the idea, though.