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3 Totally Delicious Ways to Work a Hot Dog

Wrap it in bacon, smother it with chili, or simmer it in beer -- you can't go wrong with our hot takes on iconic dogs from across the country.

three ways to work a hot dog
Photography by: Armando Rafael

1. Bacon-Wrapped Dog

Bacon + Cherry Tomatoes + Red Onion + Poblano Pepper + Cilantro

First made in Mexico (where the deep-fried version is known as the danger dog), this grilled or griddled wiener is a street-vendor staple in Los Angeles. Top it with piquant pico de gallo and grilled poblano pepper, which balance out the smoky bacon.


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2. Chili Dog

Chili + White Onion + Yellow Mustard + Cheddar

If you can see more than the tips of this frank, you’re skimping on the beef chill -- a signature version flavored with chocolate and cinnamon. Finish this Cincinnati favorite with yellow mustard, diced onion, and lots of finely shredded cheddar on an untoasted potato roll.


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3. Beer Brat

Sauerkraut + Spicy Brown Mustard + Sweet Onion

In Wisconsin, the only thing cheeseheads love as much as the Packers is bratwurst. This one is simmered in beer, sweet onions, and caraway seeds; charred on a grill; loaded with sauerkraut; and topped with spicy brown mustard. Serve on a sturdy hoagie roll.


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