An Interior Designer Explains Why You Should Try Layering Rugs

Because two is better than one, right?

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Lately, it seems that the layering rugs look is popping up everywhere. And while it's certainly a trend, if you go back and look at the past, you can see people have been layering antique rugs at an angle for years. Like many trends, this look is cyclical; and for the sake of floors everywhere, we're glad it's back.

Sure, rugs may serve the purpose of warmth, but often they're here to make a style statement. Now, with the resurgence of the layering trend, we have not one, but two chances to make a bold statement in our homes.

Why You Should Do It

Interior designer Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors is a big fan of this look and has seen it recently reinvigorate itself on social media. She incorporates the look in clients' homes to make the environment feel cozy and the space unique.

"Often, people may want the look of an antique rug, but not necessarily the price tag that would come with one large enough for a space such as a living room," Marker says. Rather than getting their dream rug that may not fill the space, many are opting to spend money on a smaller, more affordable antique rug while layering an inexpensive sisal, jute or other natural fiber rug underneath.

Many times when designing a room, Marker decides on a rug for a space and then builds the space around the rug. She recommends finding a piece with a style and color you like, then trying it layered. Antique rugs have been layered for years, and in addition to these vintage favorites, Marker utilizes animal hides and Turkish rugs with geometric patterns that are old and worn.

"We use the layered rug look to bring texture and dimension to the space. Rugs are sort of like art. You want to find that space where it's going to work," Marker says.

layered rugs in a livingroom
Kate Marker

How You Should Do It

Marker's go-to places for this look is at the end of a bed, in a family room, or an office or study. "It doesn't really matter which room, but I'd recommend steering away from a dining room, for example, where you'd have the chairs going in and out," Marker says. You want the look to work and function, while lending a cozy vibe to the room.

Whether your style is vintage or modern, you can certainly take part in the layering rugs trend while still maintaining your individual style by mixing up which rugs you utilize for your space.

Feeling inspired? Watch how to choose a custom bound rug:

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