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4 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Entryway Clean, Organized, and Clutter-Free

Plus, our interior designer says to keep three goals in mind.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Making a first impression is key. We've heard this countless times, so why would it be any different when it comes to our homes? Interior designer, Julie Lancia of The Design Twins, notes that it's our entryway we rely on for this first impression. "Your entry is the first thing people see when they are invited in. And the last thing they'll remember," she says.


The challenges of utilizing small spaces lies in making sure it's functional as well as eye-catching. Functionality depends on your lifestyle: Do you have kids? Are your more formal or more casual? Is it a high-traffic area? It's important to define your style and choose pieces that complement the style without overwhelming the space. In large spaces, you can be more frivolous, but with smaller areas, you don't have the luxury of just plopping décor without a plan. Choices matter more than ever.


When designing an entryway, Lancia keeps three goals in mind: to welcome, provide at least temporary storage and make a style statement of self-expression. We recommend these components for achieving a gorgeous entryway where every inch counts.



1. Lighting


This is Lancia's favorite way to make a powerful style statement while setting the mood for the area. "I'm a big fan of dimmable lighting everywhere so you can adjust the light to fit your mood," she says. She urges you to be bold when choosing a fixture. Bonus: If it hangs from the ceiling, it's not taking up room.


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2. Mirror


Mirrors are opportunities to make an impact both aesthetically and functionally. For the obvious reason, it's great to have when you're racing out the door and need to touch-up, but from a design standpoint, mirrors reflect light which enlarges the space. Shop around for your mirror and find the perfect one that fits in your space and goes with your style.



3. Bench or Sitting Area


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with a small space is making it appear de-cluttered. A bench is a multi-functional piece — it not only gives you a place to sit, but it also serves as a storage solution by having room underneath as well as inside the bench itself. "This piece invites and welcomes, expresses your style, and performs an important function," Lancia says.



4. Hooks or Coat Rack


If you don't have a coat closet, hooks or a coat rack are good alternatives for temporary storage. Lancia recommends never letting too much pile up here, but only the absolute essentials. Hooks come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun and choose something that reflects your unique style.


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