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Follow One Woman as She Embroiders Her Way Around the World

Wait until you see her version of the Great Wall of China.


Have you ever wondered where imaginative sewists, embroiderers, and other textile artists find inspiration? Truly, there are some remarkable contemporary embroidery artists out there. Teresa Lim, an embroiderer, illustrator, and pattern designer is one of those artistic individuals you'll find yourself asking where her inspiration comes from.


In her series, Sew Wanderlust you won't "wander" too long to see where her ideas begin.



On her blog, Teeteeheehee, Teresa says this about her latest stitched inspired endeavor, "On-going collection of embroidered landscapes, documented on-site while exploring the world."


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Spent the day in Pisa today! I've always wanted to see this leaning tower so seeing it today was so surreal!! 😍 seeing it in real life is SO DIFFERENT from pictures I promise . Climbing the tower itself was so strange too!! Once you enter it, you'll feel like you've lost your balance, even when climbing up the stairs up the tower, at certain parts you feel like you're moving towards the walls, walking like you're kinda drunk 😂Quite an interesting experience! By the time I decided to sit down to stitch, daylight was already running out and it was starting to get cold again (by cold, it's 0 to -5 without sun) So I had to do a really really quick version of Pisa, at least to capture this moment and remember what its like to see the sun set on the leaning tower. ✨#sewwanderlust

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Anyone can agree that when exploring the world, documenting your travels is a natural thing to do. However, Teresa isn't snapping a worldly landscape or monument with her smartphone — she's stitching it. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, she embroidered it on a hoop. The Colosseum in Rome? She embroidered that too. The list of famed locations and landmarks goes on and on.



Every place from Singapore to Amsterdam she came, she saw, she stitched. On her Instagram, Teresa says about her creative journey, "I tell stories with thread." That she does.


If you think her solely stitching a picture of her current location is impressive she's gotten so good that she's (literally) photoshopping herself into scenes that she's stitched. For instance, Teresa lounging in a beachside tent or floating in a sea of thread located in the Maldives.



It's fun to note that all of her posts are cleverly tagged with the hashtag, #MySewcialMedia.


For sure, you'll want to follow Teresa on Instagram not only for laughs (you'll be in stitches) but to fuel your own creativity too. Just follow the hashtag, #MySewcialMedia.


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