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This Summer, You Can Preserve the Beauty of Nature in Wearable Art

Think tiny leaves, daisies, and hydrangea petals that are pressed and preserved to form the prettiest pendants.


Summer is just around the corner. And nothing makes a pretty statement like flowers. Whether it's by positioning a perfectly captured framed hydrangea bouquet photo on your wall or crafting your own crepe-paper roses creation, they offer endless inspiration.


However, it's one thing to feature freshly cut blooms into your home, but adding a floral accessory to your wardrobe is an effortlessly whimsical finishing touch. One jewelry maker, Wanda Wolmar of Duplika Jewelry is doing just that. She specializes in creating custom pieces with a unique green thumb approach — botanical and resin inlays in all of her designs. In other words, wearable art.



"My unique approach to jewelry, which combines the elegance of high-quality metals with the natural beauty of flowers, leaves and gemstones, quickly found favor in Kansas City's thriving handmade crafts scene," Wolmar tells Martha Stewart Living, "making Duplika Jewelry a consistent staple of some of the city's biggest indie craft shows and boutiques.



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"I find my flora locally as well as working with nurseries within the U.S.," she says. "They are then pressed and dried rapidly to keep their natural colors from fading. I use a jewelry grade resin to suspend the flowers or greenery within their respective metal components." 


In her Etsy shop, she sells a pressed coral bells ring finished with golden brass. Inside the geometric shaped ring lies something lovely— pressed coral bells embedded in crystal clear resin surrounded by the brass ring. Keep in mind, that's only one of her many designs that showcase flower power. Of course, you can't forget her pressed forget-me-nots studded earrings nor her unique her gold leaf pressed four leaf clover necklace.


"When I first began, my inspiration was the sheer beauty of each individual flower or leaf," Wolmar says. "I wanted to showcase them in simplistic forms and raw materials keeping true to its origins." But there is a nostalgic sentiment to each one of her pieces, especially since many of her customers recall fond memories through them. "I think about the memories they've shared to me involving friends, family and these plants and use those as well to keep me inspired," she says. "Flowers are more than just visual beauties, they also stir up memories of times with grandma in the garden or reminds some of their wedding day bouquet and all of the emotions of that day. It's nostalgia of past times."


Wolmar creates all of her one-of-a-kind pieces Duplika Jewelry from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Follow her on Instagram @duplika_jewelry.


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