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Inner Beauty: Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown Reveals Her Wellness Essentials

The secret ingredients to her youthful energy. 

bobbi brown book beauty from the inside out

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown has taught generations of women how to get gorgeous. Now, she’s offering wisdom that goes more than skin-deep. Brown’s latest book, Beauty From the Inside Out, is packed with advice from her 25 years in the biz, including her essential look-good, feel-good foods (below) and what she simply won’t do without: good tequila and the occasional french fry. Cheers to her next chapter!

Brown's Must-Have Health Boosters

peppermint oil
Photography by: Flower Photos/Getty Images

Peppermint Oil

“I mix a few drops with water and spray it into my mouth. It’s great for your breath, and invigorating.”


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apple cider vinegar in dish
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Apple-Cider Vinegar

“A small spoonful added to water aids in digestion. Sometimes I’ll shake in some cinnamon to help it go down easily.”


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coconut oil
Photography by: Peter Ardito

Coconut Oil

“A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in your morning espresso is not only good for your skin -- it helps keep you fuller longer.”


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green protein powder
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Greens Powder

“Alkamind Daily Greens powder, mixed with water, gives me energy and clarity when I feel sluggish.” $35,


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