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Have You Ever Wondered What a Rosé Candle Smells Like?

We did, and this one provides the answer.


Who's ready to raise a glass of rosé in hand, saying, "Yes, Way Rosé" to summer? (We are.) It's no secret that the blush-toned beverage is everyone's favorite summer wine. And now, there's a new way to enjoy it. Here's a hint: it smells wonderful.


The brand Yes Way Rosé has partnered with Joya, a Brooklyn fragrance company, to create their debut candle: the Yes Way Rosé Eau de Rosé Vibes Candle. Truly, if summer was packaged into a candle it would smell just like this. The already massively popular candle is described by its creators as, "joyous with a cheeky attitude." Coincidentally, that pretty much sums up the next three months of sunny activities. Are we right?


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So what does it smell like? It's reminiscent of a bouquet of fresh roses with notes of blonde woods, white musk, and spices. Naturally, the candle is tinted in the iconic blush pink tone we have all come to love. In addition to the cleverness of the candle, each one is hand poured at Joya's Brooklyn headquarters. Of course, this candle isn't meant to replace your afternoon rosé infused slushie, but since 40% of females from 21-34 prefer to drink rosé in the summer, why not light a match, sip, and enjoy — all at once?


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