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5 Clever Kids Products That'll Help Make Life Easier

Cute -- and smart! -- inventions designed with tots in mind.

children using kizingo kids spoon
Photography by: Kizingo

Parenting is a tough job, but these clever kids products can make it a little easier. Here are five fun and functional innovations that will solve several common parenting woes:

kizingo kids spoon
Photography by: Kizingo

1. A spoon shaped for tiny hands


Little hands sometimes have trouble wielding regular utensils, but you can encourage independence with the Kizingo spoon. The specially-designed utensil has a short, wide handle that kids can easily grip, and its curved shape will help them guide food into their mouths with less spilling. Plus, they come in a rainbow of fun colors!

children playing with mutable kids play table
Photography by: [MU]table

2. A multipurpose play table that makes clean up easy


The [MU]table, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter, is a multi-functional activity table that will keep your kids entertained for hours. It features interchangeable tops, including a chalkboard for drawing, a base for Legos, a magnetic board, and a city map. Even better? There's a bag under the hole in the table's center, so kids simply have to sweep their toys into the middle to clean up. 

keep it kleen razbaby closing pacifier
Photography by: RazBaby

3. A pacifier that closes when dropped 


We can't believe no one thought of this sooner! RazBaby's Keep-It-Kleen pacifiers have a built-in cover that automatically closes when dropped. It keeps the nipple much cleaner and saves you from having to wash it off every time your tot lets go of their pacifier.

octopus kids watch
Photography by: Octopus by JOY

4. A "smart watch" to teach kids good habits


If your kids always want to play with your smartwatch, why not get them one of their own? The Octopus watch is designed with children in mind, and it uses cute icons to teach kids about schedules and telling time. Your little ones will love having their own "smartwatch" to wear, and you can rest easy knowing that they're learning from it!

remi smart kids sleep companion
Photography by: REMI

5. A smart bedside sleep companion


If your kids are scared of the dark or have trouble settling down come bed time, REMI can help. This cute bedside sleep companion can help create a bedside routine, play soothing nighttime tunes, track your child's sleep patterns, and more. It even serves as a baby monitor. Plus, REMI's smiling face will soothe kids if they wake up during the night. 


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