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Colorful Cord-Wrapped Keychains

Turn ordinary utilitarian hooks and carabiners into colorful keychains — they even make great gifts for Dad.

Photography: Aaron Dyer

Source: Martha Stewart


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  • Trigger snaps with round swivel eye, by The Hillman Group, in Solid Brass, $32 for 10,

  • Krazy glue

  • Cord and tape, in Leather, Faux Leather, and Suede, from $1 a yd.,

  • Scissors


  1. With super glue, secure end of cord to carabiner just above opening; let dry. Wind cord around frame until you reach bottom of gate. Trim cord and glue to secure.

  2. With super glue, secure a double strand of cord to ring where it’s bolted to clasp; let dry. Make overhand knots around outside of ring, as shown. Secure cord ends with glue.

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