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Frank Lloyd Wright fabrics from Schumacher
Credit: Schumacher

An anniversary is always a sweet cause for celebration (not to mention another good reason to indulge in plenty of cake and sprinkles). And this year, one special anniversary is 150 years in the making. Schumacher is celebrating the founder of architectural modernism and bold home décor patterns Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday - and it's going to be full of color and patterns.

You might recall the story of how the original collection came to be: In 1955, former House Beautiful editor Elizabeth Gordon encouraged Wright to design a line of home furnishings for people who did not live in one of his houses. In collaboration with Schumacher, Wright debuted the "Schumacher's Taliesin Line of Decorative Fabrics and Wallpaper" which featured a set of 26 colorful geometric textiles. Of course, it was a big hit. Wright's contemporary eye for design, color, and geometric shapes has forever transformed the aesthetic of American interior design and architecture.

"The colours that were used for the original collection speak to the time," said Schumacher's creative director, Dara Caponigro about the anticipated collection, "But the designs themselves are completely transcendent, so pure, and timeless."

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Frank Lloyd Wright fabrics from Schumacher
Credit: Schumacher

Now, with the assistance of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, 40 new fabrics will debut June 8. You can expect bright red and blue combinations as well as other geometric shapes ranging in neutral sandy tans to bold yellows. Schumacher's updated collaboration offers a refreshed approach to Wright's singular design aesthetic and color schemes. Of course, Wright's signature style from the 1950s is still a huge inspiration. Pamela Marshall, Schumacher's director of design comments on the modernize color play, saying, "The grounds are cleaner and whiter, [which] immediately freshened the look."

Take a peek at the rest of the collection, currently available to the trade.

Watch as Martha tours the inside of Frank Lloyd Wright's John Storer House:


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