No space for solar panels? No problem!
solar blinds
Credit: SolarGaps

Solar technology is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners who want to reduce their electricity bills by harnessing the power of the sun. And as demand for this product grows, companies are getting more creative with the form of solar panels -- there are now solar tiles for roofs and even a flower-inspired stand-alone solar system.

However, most of these solutions are still quite expensive, and none of them are accessible to renters or other people who don't own their homes. That's what makes SolarGaps so unique -- it's a set of solar panel window blinds that use smart technology to track the sun throughout the day.

SolarGaps are a plug-and-play solar solution. There's no extensive installation required, and it includes everything you need to reap the benefits of solar power. You can attach SolarGaps to the interior or exterior of your windows, although they'll produce more energy when mounted externally, up to 100 watts per 10 square feet of window (That's enough energy to power 30 LED light bulbs!)

SolarGaps also includes an app that lets you monitor how much energy your blinds are generating.

Each set of SolarGaps includes a dock that you can use to charge your devices or power your home -- overall, the company claims you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 70 percent. Alternatively, you can store your energy in a separate battery or even sell surplus energy back to the power grid.

These solar-panel blinds are a cool option for people who want to dip their toe into the world of solar energy. Through the company's Kickstarter campaign, you can get one set of medium SolarGaps, which will fit a 60-by-36-inch window, for $735. There are several other size options available, ranging from extra small to custom-sized large blinds.

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