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Who Knew? This Fashion Model is a Secret Embroidery Artist

Her hidden talent has gained her 50,000 followers and counting.


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When you envision the world of fashion, many things come to mind. The designers and their collections, the brightly-lit runway, VIP parties, and of course, racks upon racks of clothes. Glamorous, right? One model is about to change your expectations. Meet Sheena Liam, an international model working in Los Angeles, Paris, and London with a unique hobby that might surprise you: embroidery.


Yes, between casting calls, runway shows, and continental flights, Sheena is stitching her own hoop art. And of course, it's fashion-forward.


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"I always could draw, just never thought of applying it to embroidery until maybe two years ago," Liam tells Martha Stewart Living. "People were really impressed, so I built on it." Sheena is incorporating her own sense of style into her designs. She shares all of her original creations on Instagram @___ism. Her 50,000 followers get a firsthand glimpse at her minimalist threaded designs. Each hoop depicts everything from #hairgoals to street style #OOTD. 


With black embroidery thread, she stitches clean feminine profiles — all of whom are reminiscent of herself. "Most of my work are based off photographs of me," she says, "I usually work off a photo of myself to create a sketch which once finalized into neat outlines gets transfered unto canvas then I begin stitching."



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In all of Sheena's hoops, the female figure's hair flows freely. Whether she's cutting her lengthy locks of hair, has cascading twin braids, or a puffy top knot — every hoop has that unique twist. "I love using figures, body language, hands to express a mood," she says, "Hair and the placement of it really emphasizes a movement." 


And it's safe to say, her creations are quite "likable" in the literal sense — ranging from one thousand to four thousand plus likes per post.



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If her edgy fashion stitches weren't chic enough, Sheena has one massive hoop art on display in Chi Chi Von Tang, Scotts Square Singapore. "My pieces are usually 5 x 5 inches," Sheena says, "this one right here measures 5 x 5 feet and was a pleasant challenge." We always knew embroidery was in vogue.