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Wow! This Colorful Quilled Paper Will Brighten Your Day

Angelica Botero creates horses, fluttering butterflies, and blooming bouquets with ease.


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Have you ever seen something and decided that you just had to try it? That's how Colombian artist Angelica Botero felt when she first learned about the art of quilling. Now, after a year and half, and 44.1 thousand Instagram followers later, it's definitely clear that she made the right choice.


After looking through her Instagram, where so many beautiful pieces are displayed, we asked Botero about her technique. "The only materials I use are paper, glue, quilling, and cutting tools," she exclusively tells Martha Stewart Living. "I prefer to work on colorful pieces instead of dark colors simply because different shades of color give each piece a more fun look and it catches the eye's attention." While there are one or two darker pieces, we definitely see her use of bright colors, which is what made her work stand out to us in the first place, as well as her intricate use of paper. We're not surprised by the intricacy after finding out that one piece can take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete.


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Her quilled art is inspired by a variety of topics such as TV shows, nature, animals, trees, flowers, and all the colors of the rainbow. Her most popular piece, which she believes took her fan count from 10 to 44 thousand, are her exquisite quilled horses, which have been requested in every hue imagineable. 


A unique aspect of Botero's work is that some of her pieces are mixed media pieces that incorporate watercolor (another passion of hers) and quilling. Each is beautiful on its own but together they create something spectacular.



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If you can't get enough of Boteros work, be sure to visit her Etsy shop to order or request a quilled creation of your own. 


Watch this quilled art come together from start to finish:

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