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A New Company Sells Pre-Designed Rooms to Help You Decorate on a Budget

Buy the whole set or just a few of your favorite pieces!

pre-designed room
Photography by: twelvehome

Interior decorators are a saving grace if you don't have a natural eye for decor, but between their fees and the cost of new items, professional help isn't in the budget for everyone. There are plenty of other ways to create a well-curated space, though, whether it's by scouring Pinterest, consulting a design-savvy friend, or now, buying from a company like twelvehome


The concept behind twelvehome is to provide pre-designed rooms for shoppers who want the put-together look of a professionally-designed space without the hefty price tag. The company currently offers seven design concepts for both bedrooms and living rooms, and you can choose to purchase everything -- duvets, lamps, artwork, pillows and more -- or simply select a handful of pieces that catch your eye. Twelvehome even includes paint recommendations to help you tie the whole space together. 

pre designed rooms
Photography by: twelvehome

"The room offerings of twelvehome give you the essentials for a beautifully-layered, unique room, and allow you to visualize the end product and effortlessly implement your personal style,” explains Christi Rogers, interior designer and co-founder of the company.


What's great about the options from twelvehome is that you can still personalize the space with your own items. The company sells products that serve as a foundation for your own art, knick knacks, and accessories, making each room truly one-of-a-kind.


Essential room packages from twelvehome start at $1,749, and the current room concepts cater to a variety of tastes. 


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