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Your Next Dinner Party Could Be For A Good Cause

As if we needed a reason to host a soiree! 

Photography by: Suite One Studio

What if we told you you could invite all your friends over for a fabulous meal, and help a family in need at the same time? One group is inviting you to do just that. 


Meet Gather for Goats. In partnership with Lifting Hands International, the project is currently working to raise money to buy goats for hundreds of Syrian refugee families. For one family, a single goat can provide nutrition, high-protein milk, butter, and cheese, as well as income. Before many of these families were displaced, much of their livelihood came from raising cattle, so having a goat can also help restore a sense of normalcy. 


So where do you come in? Gather for Goats is aiming to host a worldwide benefit this weekend, made up of dinner parties all over the globe. All you have to do is prepare your favorite dishes -- or host a potluck, French-accented dinner, make-ahead, self-serve meal, or customizable pita bread dinner party -- and invite your guests to donate what they would’ve otherwise spent at a restaurant, to the cause. Gather for Goats is aiming to buy 800 goats to help 400 families. In the past week alone, they’ve already raised enough money to buy 97. 


If can’t host a dinner party this weekend, no problem (think of it as the launch date.) The project is currently set to run through June, plus, “there’s no wrong time to fund a goat!” And if you’re unable to host, you can still help by spreading the word or giving what you can towards funding a goat. 


Ready to get hosting? Start by getting your table set with our three easy ways to fold a napkin. And don't forget to tag #GATHERFORGOATS on any party photos!