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15 Things That Prove Gingham is Always a Good Thing

Spring decorating couldn't get any cuter. 

gingham decoupaged easter eggs
Photography by: Ngoc Minh Ngo

If spring was a pretty pattern, surely gingham the cheery micro-checked design would be it. After all, gingham looks pretty in pink, cheerful in yellow and timeless in navy or pale blue checks. While gingham is more popular than ever before, we've always been fans of the preppy pattern. (Hey, just take a look at our decoupaged Easter eggs this year.) Now with summer nearly here, we're ready to jump into that crisp, tailored fabric as the inspiration for all kinds of DIYs: kitchen curtains, tablecloths, bedding, gifts, the list goes on and on...


1. For instance, it adds the perfect pattern to this classic room divider.

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

2. And makes for a fun design to spruce up mason jars.


3. And who would've thought it would make such a fanciful kitchen backsplash?

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

4. It's a playful twist on classic handmade dolls.

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

5. And makes for a quickly sewn upgrade to an out-of-use basket.

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

6. Coffee is always a good idea. And a French press wrapped in a gingham cozy? That's even better! 

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

7. It makes a stunning statement wall


8. And puts the pep in your couch pillows. (Gingham pillow fort, anyone?)


9. Fancy a new outdoor table cover? We'll make one similar to the classic red checked print. 

Photography by: Kate Mathis

10. Gingham coasters are just what your picnic was missing. 

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

11. It even looks cheery as a checkered floor


12. It will make you rethink your curtains.

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

13. And you'll actually be excited about brown bag lunch. 

Photography by: Simon Watson

14. Cooking will always mean wearing your favorite apron (in gingham, what else?)

Photography by: Dana Gallagher

15. And it will always inspire you — this spring and the next!