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This Portable Device Can Help Improve Your Live Drawing Skills

Struggle to get the right proportions and shapes? Not anymore!

neolucida trace
Photography by: NeoLucida

Drawing is a fun and relaxing pastime, but capturing live scenes can be hard -- really hard! It's easy to get frustrated when you're learning to draw and find yourself struggling to replicate the proportions and shapes of your subject. 


These aspects of drawing get better with practice, and now there's an inexpensive device that can give you a hand with those tricky live scenes: the NeoLucida XL. The gadget is based on a 19th-century device called a "camera lucida," which artists used to superimpose images onto their drawing pads for more accurate sketches. 


How does the NeoLucida XL work? Simply clamp it to a table and position it over your paper and in front of the object you want to draw. When you look down into the device's viewer, you'll see a ghost image of your subject superimposed onto the paper. This ghost image is created by a piece of glass and a mirror -- no digital technology here. Looking down through the viewer, you can trace the image with super-accurate proportions and perspective. 

neolucida trace
Photography by: NeoLucida

The NeoLucida XL is actually an updated version of the original NeoLucida. It's been redesigned with a larger viewer, and because it's now easier to see into the device, it's well-suited for kids learning to draw, as well as adults. The NeoLucida even folds up, so you can take it with you on vacation or wherever else you might want to practice sketching. 


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The new and improved device quickly surpassed its Kickstarter goal, and you can purchase one of your own for just $60. The NeoLucida would make a great present for art history buffs, or you could just use it as a learning tool to help further your drawing technique. 



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