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Personalized Pink Leather Valet Tray

It's no secret that Mom loves a handmade gift. So spell it out for her — literally — with this stamped valet tray in a petal-pink hue. You can personalize it with a monogram or a sweet message for the woman who raised you.

Photography: Anusha Rajeswaran

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Anusha Rajeswaran of Fish & Bull. If this is your first leather project, get our handy tips on working with leather.


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  • Leather

  • White marker

  • Ruler

  • Leather punch

  • Leather letter stamp set

  • Hammer or mallet

  • Double-cap rivets

  • Rivet setter
  • Rotary cutter
  • Sponge
  • Water


  1. Measure the leather to your desired size, adding 1-inch allowance to each side. (Tip: I measured mine at 6 inches x 6 inches.)
  2. Using a rotary cutter, cut the leather. (Tip: Use the straight edge of a ruler as your guide.)
  3. Prep the leather for stamping with a damp sponge and use your ruler as a guide to center your letters. Stamp the leather with your desired message or monogram; let dry completely.
  4. Fold the leather in half like a triangle, with the soft side on the outside. Measure and mark 1/2 inch down the from the corner of the fold; repeat this for the other two corners.
  5. Use a leather punch to punch a hole through the folded leather.
  6. Insert one side of the rivet through the folded leather, flip and attach the rivet cap. Using a rivet setter and hammer, give it a couple of taps to secure it in place. Repeat this step for the remaining three corners.

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