Science says yes!
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Doesn't the idea of a warm, hefty blanket just sound so cozy? Many people like to sleep under a heavy blanket for the comfort alone, but there are actually scientific benefits to sleeping with extra weight on you.

According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, studies have shown that weighted blankets not only help people fall asleep faster, they end up getting a more restful snooze. Further research in the journal Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that more than 60 percent of adults reported lower anxiety after using a 30-pound cover. Given these findings, it should come as no surprise that weighted blankets are commonly used in medical facilities to soothe patients!

And now, you can have the calming effect of a weighted blanket in your own home. The Gravity blanket, which gets its heft from non-toxic poly pellets, is designed for consumers, and it can increase both your serotonin and melatonin levels while helping you get a good night's sleep.

The blanket is available in three weights: 15, 20 and 15 pounds. The company recommends choosing the option that's around 10 percent of your body weight -- just enough to feel like a cozy hug. Gravity explains that the blanket "harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation" to deliver a soothing, even pressure across your body. Plus, the premium-grade blanket is made from soft microfiber that's breathable enough to prevent you from getting too hot.

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Credit: Gravity

You can snag one of these super-cozy, wellness-inducing blankets for an early bird Kickstarter price of $189. However, there are limited units available and the blanket is proving to be extremely popular, so don't wait too long.

Couldn't get your hands on one? There are several other tactics you can try to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, including buying new pillows, adjusting the temperature and eating the right foods. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your overall mood and well-being, so prioritize your Zs!

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