New This Month

Pantone's Newest Color Promises to Cheer You Up (and We're Feeling It)

Think blue skies, blooming hydrangeas, and spring raindrops.

pantone natural optimism
Photography by: Pantone

Feeling blue? You're totally on trend. We're loving Pantone's newest color "Natural Optimism," not only because it's a lovely shade of blue, but because it was created for a great reason. Twinings, the tea brand, conducted research to show that optimism has significantly diminished around the world due to depressing events — so in partnership with Pantone, they came up with a color designed for people to observe and feel more optimistic about everyday life. How great is that?


If you're looking to add some "Natural Optimism" into your life, here are a few ways we've seamlessly added this optimistic hue into your day to day.


1. With a heart-framed shadow box to display your precious memories.

Photography by: Tara Donne

2. Or evoke a fuzzy warm feeling with a set of these bowls wrapped in blue yarn to hold some treats.


3. What's April without April showers? This spring decoration is a garland of paper raindrops in soothing blue.


4. And what follows are gorgeous blue hydrangeas — natural or paper.


5. As a perpetual desk calendar to keep track of the days.


Photography by: Andrew Ingalls

6. Or lastly, paint a showstopping ombré wall in beautiful blue paint.