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How to Organize a Drawer in Five Easy Steps

Step one: Take everything out!

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Whenever people ask for advice on how to get organized, we always suggest they start with a drawer. If you try to take on the whole house—or even just a room—at once, you'll likely end up crying in a corner. A drawer is manageable, yet organizing one drawer can be life-changing. Whether it’s the one in your bathroom, office, or the dreaded kitchen junk drawer, implementing streamlined systems will make your day better—we promise!

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Photography by: The Home Edit

The good news is that every drawer, regardless of shape or size, requires the exact same steps to getting organized.


1. Take everything out. Don’t cheat by leaving something in the drawer! Organizing is like a diet. It won’t work if you don’t commit!


2. Sort through all the items you removed, and group them into categories. Try to focus on like items like pens and pencils, Q-tips and cotton balls, etc. You might end-up sub-dividing these categories in the drawer later on, but this step helps you see what you have.


3. Once everything is lined up in front of you, it’s easy to figure out what needs to be eliminated. If you have 200 pens, maybe it’s time to lighten the load. Keep the ones you like, the ones you use, and the ones that make you happy every time you open the drawer. The same goes for makeup, bath products, or anything else taking up valuable space. We all collect things (organizers are guilty of that, too!), but taking the time to edit and get organized will hit the reset button and help you prioritize your items.


4. Measure the height, length, and width of the drawer before buying any product. Every single centimeter counts with drawers, so try to take exact dimensions. For the most precise measurement, we recommend a digital tape measure. Exact measurements will help you purchase product that fits your specific drawer and eliminate the guesswork.


Here are some of our favorite drawer organizers in a variety of materials and sizes.


5. Lastly, it’s time to assemble the jigsaw puzzle. Before you put any items back into the drawer, you want to arrange your product. We like to use a combination of large and small inserts, and test multiple configurations to come-up with the smartest solution for the space.


Once the drawer is set-up, you can begin to put all of your categories away. Drawers tend to take some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to move the contents around until you're satisfied with the outcome.

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Watch us organize a kitchen junk drawer in the video below.