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This Artist's Stained Glass Cottage Is the Ultimate DIY Project

The walls and ceiling are all made from stained glass!

If you've ever dreamed of having your own creative sanctuary, you're about to get a dose of inspiration. Stained glass artist Neile Cooper built herself an artistic hideaway in her backyard, and the quaint cabin is made from gorgeous stained glass windows.


"I have a little bit of an obsession with writer's sheds, tiny houses and follies, and I dreamed about creating my own little space for a long time," Cooper explains. "As my collection of old windows grew -- through Craigslist, garage sales, neighbors and friends -- my designs and plans grew more detailed. I decided I just had to go for it and start creating!"


The single-room cabin is small, but you'll never run out of things to look at. Both the walls and ceiling are made from stained glass, with animal and plant motifs throughout. Green plants and colorful flowers decorate the walls, and the ceiling features several vibrant birds and insects.


Cooper built the cabin with mostly recycled materials -- fallen trees, unwanted lumber and plenty of old windows.


"It's a pretty basic construction, but instead of siding, the walls are clad in the windows," Cooper says. "I installed them all in the cabin, and I take them down and work on them one by one."


This epic DIY project shows how you can reuse old materials to create something new and amazing!

Want to create your own artistic sanctuary? Cooper's cabin is just 8-by-12-feet, and it's tucked away in a corner of her yard. You can build your own painting room, drawing space or knitting cottage in the same fashion.


Start by collecting materials like old lumber, windows and doors. Use these as inspiration for the design of your space, making sure to take structural and safety issues into consideration. Check out some treehouse designs if you need ideas on how to create a small outdoor space -- it's the same premise, expect the cottage will be a hideaway for you!


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