15 Crafts You Can Make From a Simple Doily


A tablecloth, gift-wrapping, a set of napkin rings — the possibilities are endless.

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It's elegant and easy: All you need are a needle and thread plus a pristine collection of doilies to make this tablecloth. Stitch the small scallops together to sew a full dining room tablecloth. It will make such a statement that your friends will always RSVP "yes!" to your dinner parties.

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Who says wreaths can only be hung up around the holidays? We say: For every season, there's a wreath to go with it. To prove that point, this wreath is made from a display of delicate doilies aglow with string lights.

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Table Runner

Mike Krautter

This runner can be made in any size, length, and color for your table — making it a go-to decoration for any sit-down dinner! And paired with your pristine china set? Entirely Instagram-worthy.

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Napkin Rings


One doily — so many ways to use it! Corrall two napkins together with a beautiful white band made from a doily and give your dinner party an elegant touch.

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Dyed Gift Wrap


Dip your doilies in dye and voila — you've got pretty wrapping paper to add to any gift and that perfect pop of color!

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Gift Topper


Presentation is everything when it comes to a gift. A beautifully embellished adornment is an easy and surefire way to upgrade any gift wrap. This doily flower gift wrap topper is so pretty, you may have to convince your friends that it's okay to open their gift!

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Paint a doily onto your pillow to add some festive decor in your living room for the holidays. When the season has passed, simply flip the pillow over or keep them out year round for a pretty, personalized design.

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Doily Frame


Give your most precious memories a pretty place to call home. All you need is a picture frame, a cherished photograph, and a doily to create this delicate item.

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Formula z/s

Paper doilies make delightful, lacy sleeves for hand-delivered cards. Place it on top of a gift or even gift it alone, your friends are sure to be impressed.

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Snowflake Decorations


Decorate your windows for the holiday with these festive stiffened doilies. We love that they're so simple to make and really tie the room together nicely.

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Gift Boxes


For a holiday gift, use a doily as a snowflake to tie it all together. They look great against silver and blue paper. Alternatively, when Valentine's Day comes around use doilies as a romantic decor to adorn your sweetheart's gift.

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