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This Proves You Can Find Inspiration in Anything, Anywhere

Would you ever dream of turning a raspberry into a friendly penguin or a shimmering balloon into the the moon?


You're casually scrolling through your Instagram feed "liking" your favorite accounts, exploring new ones, and seeking out the latest hashtags. Suddenly, you stumble across an Instagrammer's gallery that utterly captures your imagination with its creativity. Quickly, you press "follow." Ever after, you count the hours til their next imaginative post. We've all been there many times.


The latest crafter to capture our imagination is @Jesuso_Ortiz, whose playful, colorful #lovelysquares show the possibilities of ordinary objects. Jesuso Málaga is an artist living and creating his original artwork in Spain. While his Instagram, Twitter, and website are in Spanish, his captioned images need not be translated as his creativity is universal.


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Permitirán que haya paz en el mundo, sólo cuando la paz les produzca más dinero que las guerras. 🌻🌾

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What's so different about Jesuso's art is that he takes his playful illustrations and merges them with found objects. Doing so, he transforms daily items into cards, flowers, balloons, dresses, animals, and more. His unique perspective proves that anything can become gift-worthy.


Romantic robot 👾💕👾 All my pictures are Available here: 💌 HAPPY weekend!

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When you actually translate Jesus's mission statement on his website, he says, "If I am here, it is thanks to that gift, which has allowed me to continue experimenting on this planet, sometimes so crazy, but beautiful and fascinating." In fact, crazy, beautiful, and fascinating sums up his skills and designs rather accurately. Simply, by browsing his Instagram, you'll be inspired too via his ability to take a petal or a flower stem and convert it into a portrait or a hammock for a illustrated character.


🐠 Fish l❤overs 🐟💦

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With spring cleaning in full swing and the garden just beginning to grow, you'll start to look at these odds and ends with all new meaning. Don't be surprised if you find yourself asking, "Now, what can I turn this into?" If you're super creative like Jesuso, you'll probably turn lemons into balloons or into something utterly whimsical. With Mother's Day approaching, any inspiration is welcomed when creating the prettiest card for mom.


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