Our Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Food-Loving Mom

le creuset casserole dish with lid
Photo: Courtesy of Le Creuset

Whether she's an avid baker, seasoned hostess, or simply an enthusiastic eater, we've got you covered with these unique, thoughtful gifts.

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oleamea olive oil gift set
Courtesy of Olmea

Even though we believe in celebrating Mom every day of the week, we adore Mother's Day because it gives us a chance shower our moms with undivided attention and love. Mothers who are true foodies—whether they're the ones trying a new restaurant every week, cooking from their favorite Martha Stewart cookbook, supporting local food makers, or always baking cookies—will love these food-centric gift picks.

Give her a gift she'll use every day, like a kettle, which quickly boils water for tea or pour over coffee. Another option is to give a gift that lasts for more than just a day, like deliveries of organic seasonal fruits or pints of decadent ice cream. It's something shell look forward to receiving each month. Then there are simple, heartfelt gift like bottles of Turkish extra-virgin olive oil from a family-owned company will have her thinking about you each time she pours a glug into a pan. If she has a sophisticated sweet tooth, we wholeheartedly recommend bars of chocolate from renowned chef Thomas Keller which combine premium cacao with olive oil for extra health benefits and sublime taste. Or a chic box of French pâte de fruits, made with real fruit in sublime flavor combinations, will certainly wow.

If her favorite place in the world is snuggled on the couch with a good book, Mom will love our latest cookbook picks: From Asia with Love by Hetty McKinnon and À Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way by Rebekah Peppler. The recipes will take her on a culinary vacation while she waits to travel again.

Choose any of our gift ideas to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. After all, that's exactly what she deserves this Mother's Day.

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Martha Stewart Wine Rosé Wine Pack

Martha Stewart wine rose bouquet
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Wine Co.

It's never too early to drink pink! Toast Mom with Martha's favorite rosés from France, Italy, and Spain. Bonus: You can crack open a bottle at Mother's Day brunch.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Wine Rosé Bouquet Half Case, $113, marthastewartwine.com.

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To Asia, With Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories From the Heart

To Asia With Love Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories From the Heart
Courtesy of Amazon

When Hetty McKinnon was growing up in Australia, her Chinese mother always had a pot of congee simmering on the stove, and no fewer than three freezers full of dumplings. Sound like heaven? Check out her new cookbook To Asia, With Love, it serves up those treasured recipes and new ones, like cacio-e-pepe udon noodles.

Shop Now: From Asia with Love: Everyday Recipes and Stories From the Heart, $30.16, amazon.com.

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Oleamea Olive Oil Gift Set

oleamea olive oil gift set

This gift set of two bottles of extra-virgin olive oil, one an everyday oil and the other for finishing, makes a great gift—what cook doesn't need more (good) olive oil?

Shop Now: Oleamea Gift Pack, $27.99, amazon.com.

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Frog Hollow Farm Summer Fruit Subscription


For the mom who's a keen pie baker or fruit eater, this premium fruit subscription is a winning gift. The choicest, most delicious organic peaches, plums, and nectarines, from one of California's most renowned organic farms, will be sent her way throughout the summer in three deliveries. Each shipment contains three pounds of a variety of the season's tastiest fruit.

Shop Now: Frog Hollow Three-Month Fruit Subscription, $200, food.52.com.

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Espro French-Press Coffee Pot

esspresso french press
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This insulated pot from Espro is just what Mom needs to make French-press coffee like a pro. It's easy to use and turns out a reliably delicious cup in the morning. Plus, it keeps her second (or third) cup warm until she's ready to enjoy it.

Shop Now: Espro P7 Stainless-Steel French Press, $120, williams-sonoma.com.

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Ayesha Curry Herb Planter

back to roots planter jars

Give your mom the gift of fresh herbs on the window ledge. Biochar technology and organic plant-based soil guarantees mess-free indoor growing. This special set includes recipes from Ayesha Curry that utilize Mom's new crop of fresh mint and basil.

Shop Now: Ayesha Curry Herb Planter, $20, backtotheroots.com.

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le Creuset Rectangular Lidded Casserole

le creuset casserole dish with lid
Courtesy of Le Creuset

For baking indulgent desserts, broiling fish, cooking casseroles, and more, this four-quart stoneware casserole can't be beat. It comes in a rainbow of shades, but this sunny yellow seems just right for spring and Mother's Day.

Shop Now: Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Casserole In Nectar, $115, lecreuset.com.

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Maman Je T'aime Tote

Courtesy of ClareV

Say "I love you, Mom" with a stylish canvas tote by one of our favorite designers, Clare V., who will donate all proceeds to Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

Shop Now: Clare V Tote, $45, clarev.com.

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À Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way

A Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way
Courtesy of Amazon

Almost like a trip across the Atlantic, this new book from Paris-based American writer Rebekah Peppler is an escape into a world of simple but seductive modern French cooking. With gorgeous photographs and plenty of info beside the recipes, this is a gift mom can enjoy reading as well as cooking from.

Shop Now: À Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way, $29.95, amazon.com.

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Jeni's Ice Cream Pint Club

ice cream pints overhead purple
Courtesy of Jeni's

Ohio-based ice cream maker Jeni's offers a subscription service that delivers four pints of their latest, greatest ice cream each month. Give Mom access to all kinds of inventive flavors that aren't available in the freezer section at the grocery store, like Buttercream Birthday Cake, Lemon & Blueberries Parfait, and dairy-free Cold Brew with Coconut Cream.

Shop Now: Jeni's Ice Cream Three-Month Ice Cream Subscription, $199, jenis.com.

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Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle

Stagg electric kettle
Courtesy of Fellow Stagg

This electric tea kettle will boil water pronto for Mom, which means she can use it to make tea, French press or pour over coffee, or for cooking. It's fast, efficient, and sleek, too.

Shop Now: Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle, $119.20, amazon.com.

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Cheese Gift Box

mouth cheese gift set
Courtesy of mouth.com

Artisanal cheeses from leading American cheesemakers are paired with crackers from small-batch makers plus fig jam and nuts in this carefully curated, super-delicious box of goodies.

Shop Now: Mouth Cheesy Gift Box, From $78.50, mouth.com.

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French Pâtes de Fruits

Richart french pates de fruits gift set
Courtesy of Richart

From Richart, the venerable Parisian chocolate and candy maker, comes this exquisite box of French candies. They're made exclusively from fruit pulp, with no artificial flavoring added and are kettle-cooked and slightly sweet. The flavors are sublime.

Shop Now: Richart French Pâtes de Fruits, $47, richart.com.

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Omsom South East Asian Sampler

omsom southeast asian sampler set
Courtesy of Omsom

Everyone has been cooking more, and many of us have been eager to try new flavors but might not be ready to commit to lots of bottles and jars of ingredients. This sampler is an instant route to quick, lively meals. Mom provides the protein and vegetables and the sampler has all the sauces and other ingredients, like toasted rice powder, plus 30-minute recipes for Thai larb, Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, and Filipino Sisig.

Shop Now: Omsom South East Asian Sampler, $29, omsom.com

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Artisanal Caramels

McCrea's caramels candies gift box
Courtesy of McCrea's Candies

A grand gift for the caramel lover, this tasting box has nine flavors of caramel, from classic vanilla to maple syrup to black lava sea salt.

Shop Now: McCrea's Candies Flavor Family Caramels Box, $36.95, amazon.com.

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verve culture Moroccan Cooking Tagine
Courtesy of Verve Culture

The unique conical lid of this classic cooking vessel traps steam and uses the recondensed liquid to keep your food moist for hours, making it ideal for braises and stews like the tagines so central to Moroccan cuisine. This petite tagine has traditional Berber designs on the lid and looks so good that it's a natural to bring from the oven to the table.

Shop Now: Verve Culture Moroccan Tagine, $60, verveculture.com.

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Olive Oil-Dark Chocolate Bars

k and m milk and dark chocolate bars with black and white packaging

Thomas Keller, the celebrated chef behind The French Laundry, teamed up with Armando Manni, the Tuscan king of olive oil, for these next-level chocolate bars (hence the name, K+M). Their production method preserves the antioxidants in cocoa beans and adds a touch of extra-virgin olive oil for an additional boost. The result? A better-tasting, better-for-Mom treat!

Shop Now: K+M Extravirgin Dark Four-Pack Gift Box Set, $509.95, amazon.com.

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