12 Genius Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Counter Tidy and Organized

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Here's the thing about your bathroom countertop: A packed, visually chaotic surface will only hurt your space's aesthetic. With that in mind, it's important to find storage solutions that help you stow everyday essentials—from your hairbrush and favorite lipstick to extra hand towels and toilet paper rolls—away from the countertop, if possible.

While there are several attractive countertop solutions to employ (including coordinating soap and toothbrush holders that enhance your bathroom's design), it's often best to utilize other areas of this room when you tidy up. Maximizing the storage potential of your medicine cabinets and vanity, for example, will make it easier for you to tuck things out of sight—instead of leaving them (or allowing them to accumulate) on the countertop. And if your bathroom's main surface is tiny? Consider adding a side table nearby, which can act as an extension.

Looking for more genius ways to streamline your bathroom countertop? We've compiled some of our favorite functional and inspired ideas to help you do just that.

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Add Coordinating Countertop Vessels

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Upgrade your countertop storage and streamline your existing organization system with coordinating storage vessels to hold toothbrushes, soap, jewelry, and more. We're a fan of these terra-cotta options, which keep your essentials close—and look good doing it.

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Create Another Counter With a Side Table


If your bathroom counter is jam-packed with your daily essentials, try using a side table as a supplemental area for pieces that just don't fit. This station will also allow you to add more decorative items, like flowers and fragrances in beautiful bottles.

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Use an Oversized Vanity in a Small Space

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It's difficult to keep an ultra-tiny bathroom countertop tidy—which is why you might want to go big when it comes to the vanity below it. Add storage space by choosing a cavernous model with several drawers and built-in cabinets, which can easily hold extra towels, cleaning supplies, and guest essentials.

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Hang a Peg Board

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Another way to take the pressure off a too-small bathroom counter? Take your storage vertical with a peg board. You can hang everything from mirrors and plants to towels and a basket with extra toilet paper from this piece. (You could also hang a wall shelf, which is another iteration of this space-saving idea).

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Roll in a Cart

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If vanity space is scarce and you have minimal floor real estate to fit your necessities, try rolling in a small cart. This light wood, two-tier option boasts plenty of room for beauty supplies, a potted plant, and storage baskets—and makes use of an otherwise dead space in front of a window.

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Make Your Vanity Work Harder

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To keep a clean, clear countertop, fully utilize your vanity, which offers built-in storage solutions. Fill the drawers and line the shelves with your essentials; there's likely a practical place for everything. Items like hairbrushes, makeup, and small toiletries are perfect for drawers—and should be tucked away when you're done with them (not left on the countertop!). Shelves that offer more room are great for hair dryers, styling products, and extra towels.

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Get Creative With Under-the-Sink Storage

Baskets under bathroom sink

Whether you have a freestanding sink or one installed over a cabinet, harness the storage power of the space just below it. For the former, place extra towels beneath the sink in coordinating decorative baskets; for the latter, arrange those baskets to fit inside the cabinet's interior (make sure to group like items—but avoid turning the space into a dumping ground for cleaning supplies, beauty products you never use, or other items that simply don't belong there).

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Replace Your Medicine Cabinet


An organized bathroom countertop is a clear one—so turn to the space just above it to keep essentials tidy and out of the way. Start by replacing your generic, lackluster medicine cabinet with a stylish option that coordinates with your bathroom vanity, and offers storage in a space that would otherwise go unused. This is a convenient place to house makeup, face lotions, serums, and other small items you use in front of the mirror. Make sure to spring for a model with adjustable shelves, which allows you to customize the unit to your liking.

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Try a Side Unit With Shelves

Shelving unit with toiletries in bathroom interior

A freestanding shelf unit can act as an extension of your countertop—or bring your linen closet right into your bathroom, so you can conveniently store extra towels and toiletries close by (and stash the items you'd rather keep hidden in your vanity). Instead of trying to fit items like perfumes and lotions in a vanity drawer—or leaving them scattered across your counter—place them safely upright on a shelf and display them for all to see.

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Use Basket Organizers

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Remove excess bathroom accessories from your countertop and tuck them away using small basket organizers. These are great to put under your sink or on the top of a covered toilet tank to free up space. This easy idea will freshen up your countertop while also providing extra storage for your toothbrush, hand soap, cotton balls, and other toiletries.

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Place Vintage Baskets on the Countertop

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Do you have an extra-long countertop and want to fill some of the negative space with a savvy-storage accent? Try adding a few vintage baskets, which can be painted and customized to suit any bathroom's color palette and décor style. Use them to store extra towels, bath robes, and large toiletries that may not fit in the vanity (or heavily-used items that require easy countertop access). They can make a guest bathroom feel homey for visiting relatives or add storage to a primary bathroom that lacks a linen closet.

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Use Drawer Organizers

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Drawer organizers or trays turn the free-for-all space just below your countertop into a functional storage area. Use these dividers to corral items that may roll to the back of the vanity; if you opt for trays, you can easily pull each unit out to view its contents.

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