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Turn Food Scraps Into Fertilizer in 24 Hours With This High-Tech Recycler

It's like a super-charged composting bin!

food recycling appliance
Photography by: Zera

Food waste is a bigger problem in the U.S. than you might think. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 30 to 40 percent of our food supply ends up in the trash each year -- that's 133 billion pounds of waste sent to landfills across the country. 


Some food waste is unavoidable, especially when you're running a busy household, but a lot of those scraps don't have to go in the trash. Instead, you can turn leftovers into fertilizer for your garden. 


Composting is an easy alternative to throwing away unused food, and it just became even more accessible thanks to the ZERA Food Recycler. This neat appliance makes a great addition to any kitchen -- it's unassuming in appearance, yet its composting capabilities are almost futuristic. Simply place food waste into ZERA and insert an additive pack. Once it's full, start up the machine and in 24 hours time, your scraps will be turned into ready-to-use fertilizer that you can spread on your plants!


ZERA is a great option for families who don't have enough room for an outdoor compost pile, or if you simply want to speed up the process. 


Of course, if you want to try things the old-fashioned way, it's actually quite easy to create your own compost pile. To ensure success, remember to pick a spot that's convenient to a water source and periodically layer in "brown" material, such as fallen leaves. 


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