The best things may come in small packages, but a thoughtful wrapper can be a gift all its own. 
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no-sew leather bags filled with candy

Tuck jewelry or candies into one of our colorful DIY leather pouches for a two-in-one treat your loved one can keep and tie to a tote strap (perfect for corralling earbuds or lip balm).

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using a circle cutter, cut out a four-to-seven-inch round piece of leather (size it for the item you want to enclose), then add holes an inch apart around the edge with a screw punch.

Step 2

Thread cord through all the holes, then feed the ends through one more hole each, to create the loose tie needed to cinch the pouch closed.

Step 3

Slip a surprise inside, and pull the ends tight.


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