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No-Sew Leather Bags

The best things may come in small packages, but a thoughtful wrapper can be a gift all its own. 

no-sew leather bags filled with candy


Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2017


Tuck jewelry or candies into one of our colorful DIY leather pouches for a two-in-one treat your loved one can keep and tie to a tote strap (perfect for corralling earbuds or lip balm).


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  • Lambskin leather, in Bright Blue, $21 for 3 sq. ft.; and Orange Creamsicle, $17.50 for 2.5 sq. ft.,

  • Martha Stewart Crafts large circle cutter, $20,

  • Martha Stewart Crafts screw punch, $25,


  1. Using a circle cutter, cut out a four-to-seven-inch round piece of leather (size it for the item you want to enclose), then add holes an inch apart around the edge with a screw punch.

  2. Thread cord through all the holes, then feed the ends through one more hole each, to create the loose tie needed to cinch the pouch closed.

  3. Slip a surprise inside, and pull the ends tight.

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