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What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day Might Surprise You

Hint: it's not flowers.

ombre wall
Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Let's be honest: Mother's Day gifts are a bit tricky — whatever Mom needs, Mom usually gets — making the typical flowers and card combo an easy go-to gift idea. However, the Houzz 2017 Mother's Day Survey shows that while Mom doesn't mind receiving a bouquet on her special day (19 percent prefer it), 40 percent of mothers would like something else: a home addition or renovation. 


The survey asked more than 2,000 moms what they want for their big day, and their answers show a sincere interest and love for the home. In fact, more than half of moms (52 percent) would like to celebrate Mother's Day in their home — so consider cooking her a meal (41 percent want a meal with family, prepared by somebody else) or redecorating her favorite room in the house (41 percent say it's the master bedroom).


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pink door accent dots
Photography by: JOHNNY MILLER

This is where a do-it-yourself mindset comes in. First, check out kitchen style inspiration, living room inspiration, plus bathroom and bedroom inspiration to pick a project. Next, try your hand at one and make it your own! A set of vintage-scarves-turned-wall-art is sure to make Mom swoon; a paneled hallway adds dimension while protecting the wall from accidental bumps; painted orchard baskets are simple to recreate and useful for storage; a marble serving tray puts the meaning back into cooking; a set of upholstery nails turns her doorway into a grand-looking entrance.


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decorative trim details
Photography by: JOHNNY MILLER

If you're a little shaky on DIYs (no shame!), consider spring-cleaning her closets and drawers or dusting off a brand new set of window shades. There's no shortage of what you can do for mom around the home on May 14, so don't be afraid to get a little creative. Either way, she'll appreciate the extra effort.


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