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These Miniature Cakes are Perfect Replicas of the Real Thing

Rachel Dyke uses polymer clay to create teeny-tiny versions of real-life cakes.


Her cakes may be little, but we all know some of the best things come in small packages. (Or in this case, cake boxes.)


Meet Rachel Dyke. As a freelance cake decorator (possibly the best job ever) for Charm City Cakes Los Angeles, it's safe to say that she knows a thing or two about decorating cakes. And while Rachel is a pastry decorator in her own right, she also has a side hustle that recently (thanks to Instagram) has taken off into a career of its own. Enter her miniature cake replicas. As a self-described miniaturist, she uses polymer clay to recreate people's real-life celebratory cakes into miniature versions that last forever. This way, people can treasure their keepsake cake as a sweet reminder for years to come. (Best part — this makes them guilt-free.)


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Whether your celebration cake (no matter the happy occasion) is finely dressed with marzipan detailing, painted florets, or colorfully piped along the cake's edges, there's no question that it's the showpiece of the party. Often, it's hard to decipher from the Instagram photos which is the real cake and which is the fake. (She's that good!)



Melted chocolate drizzle, multi-tiered cakes, hand-painted flowers, and plenty of other cake frills all add to the details of her dreamy desserts. Rachel often constructs tiny cakes that result from various baking phenomenons. One of her most popular creations — a colorful ice cream cone drippy cake — is an example of that. 


Want one of your own? Although there is often a wait list, we think Rachel's creations would make a lovely keepsake gift for a birthday, anniversary party, baby shower, or wedding. 

Get a sneak peek at how they are created in this Insta video from her feed:


Placing moss for the greens element on this mini #cake #art #mini #tiny #miniature #polymerclay #madeia

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