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How to Pair Wine With Easter Entrees

Here's what to serve with lamb, ham, and more.


What kind of wine goes well with an Easter entree? Choose your wine based on the body and taste of the dish. Sweet-savory ham and delicately flavored fish won’t be overpowered by lighter wines. Gamier meats, such as lamb, are delicious with a fuller-bodied pairing.


Acidic foods, like a dressed salad, work best with similarly flavored wines, like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Fatty meats like rib eyes should be enjoyed with tannic red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Consider the meal’s region, too, and match it with a wine from nearby, says master sommelier Bobby Stuckey of Frasca Food & Wine, in Boulder, Colorado. Here are tried-and-true recommendations for what to serve with your Easter dishes.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

1. Lamb

Pairing: earthy Rhone Syrah


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

2. Ham

Pairing: dry German Riesling


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

3. Spring Vegetables

Pairing: subtly sweet rosé


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

4. Fish

Pairing: mineral Chablis


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